Download hacked Roll’d for Android. Roll’d Hacking Free

Roll’d – an unusual casual arcade with a kind of graphics. This time we are offered to control the arcade in the arcade, not the character, but the location itself, and to be more exact, , then the path along which our hero will move. We need to keep it in a horizontal position and do everything to make our hero stay on it as much as possible.

Download hacked Roll'd for Android. Roll'd Hacking Free

By selecting one of the four locations you go to a long run, however, its duration will depend directly on your agility and ability to balance the track. The character runs automatically, and so that it does not fall you have to change the slope of the track itself, pressing the left and right sides of the display, thereby adjusting it to our hero. It seems that everything is simple, but it’s only at first glance, in the future you will have to accelerate and do everything much faster.

Download hacked Roll'd for Android. Roll'd Hacking Free

The more distance you can overcome, the more chances for the discovery of new characters, so that you prepare to show all your skills quickly respond to obstacles.

The game is hacked, all locations are unlocked.

Download the hacked Roll’d for Android


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