Download the hacked Zombies Epoch for Android. The Epoch of the Zombie

Zombie Age is a simulator with elements of strategy in which we will survive in the zombie apocalypse.

The broken Zombie Epoch for Android tells us a story about a city that is filled with zombies, dead people , roaming the streets and hungry to taste human brains and a group of heroes who managed to survive in this terrible world. You will play for one of the surviving characters, who now roams the streets of the city in search of find, weapons and ammunition.

Pop into the world filled with zombies we will survive by moving from one point on the map to another, carrying out challenging, but very interesting missions to find food and participate in battles with zombies. At the moment when we are offered to look for food, the game process resembles an arcade “three in a row”, and at the time of the battle, turn-based strategies, where each new action takes a certain amount of points.

You can talk about graphics for a long time, it’s done in a hand-drawn format, where there are a lot of spectacular elements, and the player can simply watch the beauty and enjoy the exciting gameplay, not without meaning.

The game is hacked, a lot of money.

Download the hacked Zombies Epoch for Android


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