Block Puzzle

Users have to add not images, but blocks of different shapes, forming a single figure. Do not rely on easy gameplay – the game mechanics just seems simple!


Gameplay Block Puzzle develops spatial thinking. In the game area at the beginning of the level are various figures scattered throughout the field in a chaotic order. It is necessary to add the individual pieces in such a way as to obtain a single unit. The faster the condition is fulfilled and the less action required, the more points the player will earn. The game has thousands of levels with a smooth increase in complexity.


  • More than 6000 levels!
  • Three game modes;
  • Each puzzle can be collected in only 1 way;
  • 5 levels of difficulty;
  • Ability to play on time;
  • The social component is the leaderboard. Your results will be posted here regularly. You can become the leader of the list!
  • More than 25 gaming achievements.

Graphics and Control

The design in the game varies depending on the user settings and level. The developers have provided stylistic with three-dimensional puzzles, as well as simple black game areas with “drawn” figures. The control system in the game is fully adapted to the touch screens of mobile devices. Interact with puzzles offered with tapes and svaypov on the screen. Tapes activate turns, and with the help of svaypov you can move the figure to the desired place.

Block Puzzle Block Puzzle Block Puzzle Block Puzzle Block Puzzle Block Puzzle Block Puzzle Block Puzzle Block Puzzle


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