Cars: Fast as Lightning

Participate in exciting races with the heroes of the famous cartoon. These cars are fast, like lightning!


The main character of this game is a very small but ambitious car on the estate of Lightning McQueen. He has been dreaming of becoming the best racer in the world since childhood.

You will need to help him fulfill his cherished desire, and also make his city a little better. Participate in races with other wheelbarrows in order to earn in-game currency. As in real life, the game can not be built or bought without money. Every victory will bring you a reward. Earned money can be spent on the construction of new automobile salons and services, thereby improving the city.

Classic races will be accompanied by interesting and funny dialogues between familiar cartoon characters. This is not a full-fledged racing competition, but a simplified version for children. Here it will only be necessary to put pressure on the gas and let it go to get right into the turns. However, typical trails are often replaced by extreme climbs or descents.

It is noteworthy that you can play this game with your friends if you have an Internet connection.

Main pluses

  • Official game, created based on the animated cartoon “Cars”.
  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • A few dozen characters.
  • Dynamic races.
  • Ability to create your own tracks.
Cars: Fast as Lightning Cars: Fast as Lightning Cars: Fast as Lightning Cars: Fast as Lightning Cars: Fast as Lightning Cars: Fast as Lightning


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