Clash of Lords 2

In this game, you have to enter into battle with many opponents in order to protect your kingdom. The application boasts fascinating gameplay and user-friendly interface.


The game process is not much different from the above Clash of Clans. This is not surprising, because it’s about the clone. In this game you have to protect your land in real time. As in the original, in order to give a worthy rebuff to the enemies, it will be necessary to erect protective structures, extract resources and develop their possessions in every possible way. After your army has developed enough and gets stronger, you can raid your neighbors. You can enjoy both a single game and participate in multiplayer battles.


The game is notable for the following aspects:

  • Detailed control of the gameplay. You can control the combat skills of your heroes in real time. The more you control your army, the more chances you have for victory. You can hire heroes and other units to create a truly invincible army.
  • Each character has unique skills and features. All this must be taken into account when forming your own team.
  • Several interesting game modes.
  • The ability to join a guild. Not all tests can be dealt with on their own, so you may need the help of other players.
  • High-quality and bright graphics.

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