Farm Frenzy

Land on a small island and start developing your own farm! Cultivate plant cultures and breed animals, starting with a couple of chickens and ending with a huge livestock of cattle and pigs.


The game incorporates the elements of the best farms and offers users to systematically develop their own farm. It all starts with a couple of chickens and a small amount of seeds. But soon the user will be able to buy pigs and cows, build a mill and a bakery. So users will earn on their own farm.


Farm Frenzy is not a simple farm. Players are offered to pass more than hundreds of levels by completing several tasks at each level. For example, you need to save money and buy 5 chickens, grind 3 bags of flour and so on. To perform each, even at first glance, a simple task, the user will need to make a lot of effort. The game is diverse in its development. It is necessary to monitor the ripening of crops, feed livestock, process raw materials into finished products for sale, and develop their farms. It is necessary to clearly distinguish between activities, otherwise success can not be achieved: the harvest can overpay, raw materials will deteriorate, and in time the equipment not purchased will significantly reduce the profit from processing the products. In a word, the players will have something to think about! Interesting game, even in spite of the ubiquitous donat, will entice you for long hours!

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