Hacked Backgammon

Beautiful design, a complete lack of advertising, the availability of the opportunity to always play with a real person on the web – just a small part of the features of the game! Backyard lovers will certainly not remain indifferent.

First start

The first time you log in, the application will require you to log in. It is advisable to do this through an account in the social network “Facebook” to be able to choose a table, play with friends. Without a facebook account, these features will not be available, and instead of a name, there will be a set of numbers.

Features of the gameplay

Backgammon – short backgammon with the ability to knock out the opponents’ chips if they stand alone. The task of the player is to hold all of his chips in the field, making sure that when you move your opponent, not one chip is left to stand alone. It is also important to protect your chips so that your opponent can not knock them out on their turn. If you are far from backgammon, we strongly recommend that you read the rules, because the game has no training mode, no instructions.

As mentioned above, these backgammon on Android OS differ from other applications of the genre by the lack of single-user mode – that is, you can not play with the computer here. In Backgammon there is only a multi-user mode, but it’s very handy, because there is always someone with whom you can play. Despite the lack of advertising, the game implemented Donate – the lost chips can be bought in the game store.

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