Hacked Buried Town

The atmosphere of the apocalypse, a huge number of quests, the ability to create weapons and armor, improve the character’s performance and even grow food – just a small part of the features of this game. Even the absence of the Russian language did not become a hindrance for millions of Russian-speaking users who are already enjoying the exciting gameplay.

Plot and action in the game

Most of the population for unknown reasons became infected and turned into a zombie. The virus did not touch you, and you managed to barricade in a dilapidated house. Not wanting to give up, you create tools, find food and medicine, make weapons. Of course, you hold out the hope that you are not the only survivor in this world – there must be someone else to stay alive!

Therefore, you go to other locations and … meet interesting characters.


Despite the fact that the game is performed in the best traditions of the strategic genre, you will have to fight a lot. Battles take place in turn-based mode when meeting with single and zombies in units. The presence of firearms significantly increases the chances of survival, allowing damage even before the enemy approaches.

However, the cartridges in the game are not endless, and if you show minimal research activity, you will have to use bits, sharks, knives, mounts and other items of cold weapons and close combat. However, in this case, you have every chance of winning.

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