Hacked by Povaryata

In this exciting game, children have to prepare delicious food, even if virtual. This is a unique opportunity for those who want to show their culinary skills.


The game will start with the parents going to visit, while leaving the children in your care. You have a chance to prove yourself in cooking! The children are already hungry, so it’s time to feed them with something delicious.

Players will choose the menu themselves. Only you decide what your wards will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is not necessary to first serve first and hot. You can, for example, start with a sweet – as your soul will. In this game, the actions of young cooks are not limited to anything.

There are four cookbooks at your disposal, which contain a huge number of recipes. However, in order to implement them, you first need to look into the grocery store. Here you can buy a variety of products to realize the recipes that you liked most.

You can cook both in splendid isolation, and with your friends. The latter option will be more interesting, because in the future you can compare who could succeed more than others.


  • A lot of exciting and developing mini-games.
  • Interesting culinary secrets.
  • Bright and juicy graphics.
  • Simple and convenient operation, which is adapted even for the youngest children.
Hacked by Povaryata Hacked by Povaryata Hacked by Povaryata Hacked by Povaryata Hacked by Povaryata Hacked by Povaryata


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