Hacked Contra

Try on yourself the role of a mercenary who constantly fights against evil. Go to two-dimensional locations, jump platforms and shoot at enemies.


The game is a two-dimensional platformer with a side view. Users are offered to choose one of two mercenaries (with different appearance) and go shred enemies. The main character will shoot himself. We just need to avoid obstacles in time and try not to fall under the direct fire of the enemy.

In addition to the usual enemies we will meet and bosses. Each main enemy character has unique features. In the game we are waiting for long locations in which we have to go down the platforms, climb the rocks, just pass a relatively even obstacle course.

Graphics and control

The game has a two-dimensional picture. As noted above, the game is updated graphics – it is more detailed and vivid, unlike its more than 25-year-old predecessor.

The control system in the game is implemented through tapes. Click on the screen to move forward, as well as for jumping.

If you were looking for a simple time killer, then this game is unlikely to have direct competitors. She can take you in a boring queue, a long trip or a journey. Of course, you can give it to a child who will quickly get used to the management and sit down for long hours without distracting you from the cases.

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