Hacked Craft Royale

Install defensive towers and hire warriors, collect game currency and improve the army. In case of victory, receive chests and cash reward, as well as the opportunity to play on a new card.


The game area will be divided into two parts: at the top is the enemy base, at the bottom – our base. The opposing base is separated from each other by a wall with two paths. On the approaches to the towers there are defensive structures that can be destroyed by the army. Enemy troops will regularly attack. You can also make warriors and send them into battle. Each battle has a time limit. If you can not keep within the allotted limits, the side that defeats the enemy is victorious.


On the location of 2 lines, on which warriors can move. You can choose any path on which it depends, with your defensive tower or enemy soldiers encountering your troops. If the warriors are stronger, they will split the army of the enemy or demolish the defensive tower. To improve the warriors it is necessary to use the game currency – the blocks – which is automatically accumulated over time, and also as the enemy is killed.

Also, new warriors that have different abilities are gradually opened up, but they are also evaluated differently (some are cheaper, others are more expensive). It is necessary to allocate the budget correctly to hire the strongest army. In the game there are also cards – ordinary, rare, epic. Make up your own decks to destroy any enemy!

Hacked Craft Royale Hacked Craft Royale Hacked Craft Royale Hacked Craft Royale Hacked Craft Royale Hacked Craft Royale Hacked Craft Royale


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