Hacked Ghosts

A mind blowing puzzle does not require users to have a lot of intelligence. Move from the beginning of the level to its end by moving, teleporting, magic blocks.


Users are encouraged to take control of the spirit. The being tries to find answers in the bodiless world. The virtual world of spirits is a suspended stone blocks and slabs in the air. Some of them move around, some are used as teploports, some load with energy, and some are destroyed by repeated contact.

The game has a large number of other blocks that will force users to think through each step in advance. Each level differs not only in its unique graphic design, but also in the functionality of the blocks, the radius of their control, the speed of movement, and the quantity (sometimes there may not be enough blocks to get from one end of the map to the other).


Graphics – one of the most important criteria for the quality of the game for many critics and ordinary users. And the Ghosts with this all right. Each level is a completely new location, which has a recognizable, but always unique, style that conveys the atmosphere of the location. More users will enjoy the sound design, which many users like more graphics. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you use headphones when you pass the next level in Ghosts.

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