Hacked Origins

Game mechanics offers participation in spectacular battles with a third-person view. Adaptive control (with the help of the on-screen keys) is combined with prompts on the screen (tapas and svaypas depending on the position of the enemy), which can be dealt with crushing blows.


As already mentioned above, users are waiting for fascinating battles with numerous opponents. You will receive a reward for every dead enemy. The proceeds can be spent on improving the characteristics of the protagonist, buying new suicidal mechanisms for his costume and other purposes. However, it is not necessary to count on the big income – after each fight Batman needs to be restored. And the pass of the restoration costs real money (so the Donate system is implemented in the game).

Graphics and management

The visual component in the game is worthy of all praise. The picture on the background is atmospheric, the nearest objects on the location are detailed, and the characters on the screen seem to have come down from the screens of the blockbuster. For a long time after the start of the game process, you will not believe that you are playing on a mobile smartphone, and not on a console or PC.

The control system in the game is adaptive. In the lower left part of the screen is a block, in the right – a kick, and in the center – a combo-hit, the restoration of which takes time. The protagonist strikes one after another, performing incredible pirouettes. And this despite the fact that we will only press a couple of keys!

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