Hacked Pig Pig

The most famous pig in the world will offer small players to plunge into the world of sports. The application completely lacks advertising and paid content.


Welcome to the amazing Peppa pigs universe! This time the heroine will take part in exciting sports. Together with his kind friends, the pig will compete not only for the first places, but also for unique prizes. At your service a lot of various competitions. Here and tug of war, and jumping over obstacles, and much, much more. After the competition, athletes will have fun resting while eating ice cream. For the victory in the competition the corresponding prizes are supposed. The one who will take the first place, will be awarded a huge gold cup. The second and third places are also prize-winning. For them rely colorful stickers, which kids can draw on their own, thereby developing their imagination.

It is incredibly easy to manage athletes, so even small children can cope with it without problems. This is done using tapes on the screen of the mobile device.


The graphic performance of the game completely corresponds to the original animated series. The animation of the characters is realized in the same way as in the cartoon. The same can be said about music and sound effects. In short, small fans of Peppa’s pig will remain satisfied.

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