Hacked Planet Heroes

This is an exciting multiplayer game, within which you can become the strongest warrior. There are no prohibitions and rules, so you can rely solely on yourself.

Features of the gameplay

If you like games in the genre MOBA, then this project is just for you. Currently, it supports two main modes. You can perform both normal missions and try yourself in PvP mode. However, before you can access both modes, you need to develop your character to a certain level. After its achievement it will be possible to proceed to team battles. Each team has three players. Your task, as in all similar games, will be to destroy the enemy base and all opponents.

It is noteworthy that the game has an additional location in which you can get experience. To do this, you have to kill neutral creatures. It should be noted that it is not possible to buy artifacts directly in the process of the battle. Apparently, the developers decided to simplify the gameplay: from the outset, the characters have several active and one passive skill. Thus, each level increase leads only to the fact that they become a bit stronger.

Basic pluses

  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • Unique characters.
  • Exciting battles with other players.
  • Original graphics.
  • Convenient operation.
  • A suitable musical accompaniment.
Hacked Planet Heroes Hacked Planet Heroes Hacked Planet Heroes Hacked Planet Heroes Hacked Planet Heroes Hacked Planet Heroes


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