Hacked Spirit

Users have to try on the role of the space spirit, which is in danger. It is necessary to defend ourselves from the enemy without weapons, but with the unique ability to create traps.


Players need to create black holes – peculiar traps. Enemies that will pass by these traps will be tightened inward and disappear, moving somewhere very far away from you. It is worth noting that the protagonist will create holes on his own – they will follow him with a train.

The task will be to surround opponents and drag them into traps. It is important not to fall into the hands of the enemy. If, however, your opponent overtakes your spirit, you will lose one life. You should always be on call to fight off wave-like attacks. The game offers three modes: classic, extreme and Pulse. The latter excludes black holes, while the extreme one is distinguished by a higher game speed and more enemies.

Graphics and management

The design in the game is specific. It is not pixelated, but it does not have high detail. Users seem to be transported to another world, plowing dark spaces, maneuvering between colored obstacles and fighting for life with different enemies. The control system is fully adapted to the touch screens of mobile devices. To interact with the main character, you only need to click in the corresponding areas of the screen. The spirit will move to the intended place on its own.

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