Hacked The room 3

The third part retains the original game mechanics, but offers to test yourself in solving even more complex puzzles. The system of guidance tips, as well as a special tool in the form of an eyepiece, will simplify the process somewhat.


The first two parts of the puzzle were very popular with a large audience, earned a lot of positive feedback from gamers and critics, and also became the standard of the genre of logical quest games. The third part has preserved the unique features of game mechanics, but has been supplemented by a large number of innovations. Users will be transferred to a mysterious island, they will solve new and more complex puzzles.


The mechanics remained the same. Those users who have already managed to play in the first two parts will be able to quickly solve the initial puzzles even without using hints. By the way about the latter. Hints do not give ready answers and solutions, but only direct the players’ thoughts in the right direction. If you want to play the game yourself, you can turn off the cards in the appropriate settings.

However, you can always use a special eyepiece, which allows you to see the locations in a new light. Also, as is known from the first two parts, it is necessary to search in dark corners. There you can find secret mechanisms and hidden clues that will bring you closer to resolving the puzzle.

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