Hacked The sun

This is a first-person shooter, similar to the Stalker. It differs from the original game content, but not the original idea – it is necessary to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, to trade and exchange, to fight with mutants and distraught people, and to fight radiation.

Plot and action in the game

Users are offered to immerse themselves in the virtual world of post-apocalypse – dilapidated, deserted, horrificly huge, radiation. It is necessary to explore the locations in search of weapons, ammunition, food, equipment, medicines and other valuable items that can: protect from radiation, prolong life, provide protection from monsters and other people, and trade with the remaining traders.


A fairly realistic gameplay is complicated by the radiation background. Locations are theoretically not limited, however, as soon as a blood-red frame appears on the game screen, it means that we do not have long to live – the level of radiation here is simply huge. So you have to turn and move on almost intuitively.

The control system in the game is implemented in a traditional way for shooters – in the lower left part of the screen there is a virtual joystick, in the right – active recharge keys, firing, changing positions. Also on the screen are scattered other controls that are responsible for inventory, map, notepad, binoculars and so on.

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