Hacked Tomb Raider 2

Before you, you can say, the classic game, which was a real legend in the dashing 90-ies. Help Lara Croft to obtain an ancient relic.


This mobile adaptation will be fine for lovers of rare games. However, due to the nature of the controls, enjoying the adventures of the tomb robbers is not so easy. This will require accustoming, therefore it is recommended to pass training on the obstacle course. In the course of the main gameplay you are waiting for a huge number of mysteries and secrets. Lara can carry several types of weapons and a first aid kit. And what else does a young and beautiful girl need for research?

Your main task will be to get hold of the Dagger of Xian. It is believed that this relic has the mighty power of a dragon. You also have to find out if this is so.

Graphics and management

Before releasing the mobile port of the game, the developers slightly improved its graphics. It is perfectly adapted even for large screens of mobile devices running Android OS. Nevertheless, such a schedule is very far from modern.

If we talk about management, it is not very convenient. It is best to play with the controller, since without it the complexity of the game rises to hardcore.


  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • Familiar story and favorite heroine.
  • Huge number of different locations.
  • Dozens of different achievements.
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