Hacked Traffic Lanes 3

This game will devote users to all difficulties and features of adjusting intersections. With this task it is far from easy to cope with, as it may seem at first glance.

Features of the gameplay

As mentioned earlier, in this game you will adjust the intersections. If the movement is not animated, then it is quite easy, but here in busy places at the rush hour you will have to try hard. Immediately after starting the game you will see a view from the top to the intersection. At the initial levels, the traffic lights will glow red. Also on the roads there is a layout. Focusing on it, you can correctly organize traffic. It is possible to adjust each band separately. It is noteworthy that in addition to conventional vehicles, there are trams on the road, which, of course, can not be ignored, of course.

The main task of the player is to ensure safe traffic, while avoiding emergency situations. If there is a traffic accident, the level will have to be restarted. Managing multiple traffic lights is difficult enough.

It’s worth noting that the game sins with monotonous gameplay, which may not like everyone.

Basic pluses

  • Fascinating and unusual gameplay.
  • Different locations.
  • Level Editor.
  • Cars complying with all traffic rules.
  • Qualitative two-dimensional graphics.
Hacked Traffic Lanes 3 Hacked Traffic Lanes 3 Hacked Traffic Lanes 3 Hacked Traffic Lanes 3 Hacked Traffic Lanes 3 Hacked Traffic Lanes 3


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