Hacked Traffic Tour

This is a quality racing game that will allow you to get a unique driving experience. It is unlikely to leave all fans of the genre indifferent


At your service is an exciting arcade race. Race along the road ahead and in no case do not stop until you become the best racer. However, your success is directly dependent on the ability to drive racing cars. The more you skate, the better you will get. As you gain experience, you will be able to unlock new cars. They can also be opened during the free ride.

Game Modes

The project boasts a variety of different modes. Here there is not only a career (the plot, unfortunately, no), but also time competitions, as well as multiplayer, in which you can compete with other players.

Among other things, there is a mode for an endless ride.


It is worth noting that these races are quite a budget project, so that smart graphics should not wait. It is possible to switch between the views from the first and third person, but this is accomplished does not add to the game of realism.

As for the musical accompaniment, it exists, but does not stand out.


  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • Several dozen cars with the possibility of detailed settings.
  • Exciting modes.
  • More than a hundred missions in a single career.
  • Quality three-dimensional graphics.
  • Simple and convenient operation.
Hacked Traffic Tour Hacked Traffic Tour Hacked Traffic Tour Hacked Traffic Tour Hacked Traffic Tour Hacked Traffic Tour


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