Hacked Vector 2

In the second part of the parkour simulator you have to escape from a huge mysterious laboratory. The hero is still helped only by fearlessness and acrobatics skills.

Plot and action in the game

In the first part of the adventure, we had to get out of the totalitarian world and break away from the guards. You had the opportunity to run on the roofs, perform exciting tricks, only due to dexterity avoid traps. The game ended, unlike the chase, the outcome of which remained unknown. In the second part, users find themselves in the dungeons of a mysterious laboratory, and again have to run, jump over obstacles, pass traps and confront enemies, and, of course, collect bonuses along the way.


  • Gorgeous graphics. Two-dimensional graphics are in gray shades only in the foreground. In the background, beautiful futuristic landscapes are adorned.
  • Realistic physics. The main character though an acrobat, but not a superman – he obeys the natural laws of physics, which are flawlessly implemented in Vector 2.
  • Individual gameplay. There are many ways to go through the same level. Moreover, you choose which trick to learn the following (you can open new skills on the collected bonuses during the race). Also you can buy different outfits.
  • Various levels. There is a huge number of unique locations all with new and new types of traps, and a whole network of labyrinths.
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