NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13 will surprise everyone: ordinary users who want to throw the ball into the basket, and NBA fans who want to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a big sport!


We are offered to recruit players, train them, play games, sell and hire basketball stars. Of course, the main goal will be to win the cups one by one. Management in the game is implemented in a classic way for basketball simulators. Two joysticks are presented. In the lower left corner is a joystick for moving characters in all directions, in the right – a virtual joystick for performing various elements, such as throws, bypass, pass, etc. Also in the settings you can select a new control that allows you to use only one hand.


NBA 2K13 almost completely mimics the world basketball league NBA. Fans of the NBA will fall in love with the game at first sight! The developers have realized even a full-fledged multi-season career mode. Released in 2013 and ported to the Android platform shortly after, it includes all real players who were in the league in 2012. In addition to real players, fans of the NBA are waiting for another pleasant surprise – it’s a voice from real commentators – the legendary Clark Kellogg and Kevin Harlan. Basketball fans do not have to explain that they can completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game.

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