Putin says

This is a fun and entertaining app. Thanks to him you can talk with cartoon Putin.

Features of the game process

The purpose of this application is very simple. You can chat with Putin at any time convenient for you. At your request, the president will give out the epic phrases that he once gave out. The game is a kind of quotation of Vladimir Putin.

If desired, you can make whole phrases from individual words. Among other things, Putin can perform for you on a fashionable youth hit on a balalaika or an electric guitar. Against the background of all this, the “typical” Russian bear will dance. Along with this, the president sometimes takes out a black suitcase with a red button and chuckles maliciously.

Graphics and management

The graphic component of the game is implemented quite well. You can be content with a simple three-dimensional image and animation. Animated Putin supposedly came out of some modern cartoon. On the screen you will see only the president of the Russian Federation, the Kremlin and a piece of Red Square – in a word, nothing superfluous.

Regarding management, it is fully optimized for modern mobile devices running on Android OS. The screen will be located just one button, thanks to which you can choose the functions you need. All available scenes with Vladimir Vladimirovich will be located at the top.

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