In Spore, users are offered to take control of a small dispute in order to turn it from a cell into a full-fledged organism. Eat, grow and grow in size.


Users are encouraged to develop, develop and develop again. Development in the game is due to eating smaller organisms. The first levels are fairly simple. Primitive cell, which will be under the control of the user, will be able to eat other, smaller cells and, thus, evolve. The level of the DNA chain is located in the upper left corner of the main screen.

When the scale is filled, the body can evolve into a new state. Below the DNA chain is a scale of life represented by 5 hearts. At each level, it is necessary to completely fill the DNA chain. Only so can the level be passed. If life suddenly ends (there are plenty of bigger opponents in the game), the level will have to pass first. Control of the microorganism is carried out by simple touches on the screen. It is enough to indicate the point on the screen, in the direction of which our organism will move.

Game Modes:

Evolution. In this mode, users are offered to pass level by level, trying to eat as many microorganisms as possible, growing in size and updating their diet and habitat;

Arena. In this mode, users will be able to compete with real players and try to rise to a qualitatively new stage of development.

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