Street Fighter 4

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The plot of the game

Since this is the fourth part of the game, the game has a fairly long storyline. You will meet both with old characters, and with many new ones. After the last fight, all the heroes wandered around the globe. However, a new deadly battle was organized, and everyone came here to take part in it.


This is one of the best fighting games of all, ever created for Android OS. Once it was a real hit for the PC, and now it has become one of the most beautiful and realistic games for Android. In this game you will meet a lot of characters familiar to you with the same name series. Each hero has his own unique abilities and abilities.

You will be able to show everything you are capable of, in the mode of passing. The final boss and the final movie depends on which character you chose at the beginning of the game. Each character has its own special techniques and combo strikes, mastering which you can defeat absolutely any opponent. Bright and colorful battles are able to impress the imagination of even the most experienced players. Thanks to the convenient control, you will quickly learn how to master your character masterfully.


This game is notable for the following aspects:

  • Quality and colorful graphics.
  • Huge number of special moves and attacks.
  • A lot of unique locations.
  • Opportunity to fight with your friends.
  • Detailed control settings.
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