Top 10 arcade games for android 2015

Top 10 . Hungry Shark Evolution
The insidious arcade on the android. You are a small baby who constantly wants to grow and eat. To begin with, it eats small fish, as it saturates and grows, it begins to absorb living creatures, objects of much larger size. Throughout the game you will receive points, bonuses. Bonuses are awarded for complex combinations, for example when you simultaneously eat several living things. Gamers are waiting for 45 unforgettable missions.

Top 9 . Call of mini – Infinity

In the arcade for the android, fantastic events occur. The end of the world is approaching, a huge steroid is flying to the ground. It was decided to form a super modern army and go to the planet from a nearby galaxy called Caron. Evil occupants are not very happy with the neighborhood with people, do not want to share with others. Your task is to grab territory to build a base, to fight off constant attacks.

Top 10 arcade games for android 2015

Top 8 . Bladeslinger
The main character returns to his native land. The picture before him extremely disliked. Help to wait not from where, he decided to restore order on his own. The evil creatures that filled the city quickly realized who their main enemy in this city was and hunted after him. In the android arcade, amazing graphics and special effects. Work out new fighting techniques on evil creatures. Collect new weapons.

Top 7 . Wormix

The legendary game coming from social networks is now on the android platform. Gather your team and go into battle. Destroy enemy fortifications, destroy enemies from various guns. Arcade refers to turn-based, logical. A large number of fascinating missions will be available to you. As a training you can go through a couple of single missions.

Top 6 . Sonic Dash

famous hedgehog, a spokesman for the SEGA, a new popular game in 2015. Hedgehog rolls along the track while collecting gold rings. Control is due to the slopes of the android device. Tilt forward the hedgehog accelerates, the tilt back the hedgehog slows down. The script of the android game is very simple, to collect as many rings as possible for a certain amount of time. On the way there will be obstacles in the form of bumps, pits, sharp turns.

Top 5 . Call of Mini Zombies 2

Continuation of the popular game Call of mini.Gamers from around the world the game suited to taste, so the developers decided to release a second version with cardinal improvements. Improved engine, improved game animation, graphics and much more. There were new characters, new types of weapons. The hero is in the very center of the apocalypse. Around me is a quiet horror, bloodied zombies with square heads, screams, screams. The arcade deserved to be in the fifth place of the top 10 arcade games on the android.

Top 4 . Looney Tunes Dach

To all lovers of the popular cartoon about the hare Bugs Bunny and his friends, you will definitely like this arcade. The bottom line is this. The main character runs along the forest path, runs around the side, jumps over various obstacles, obstacles. Collects coins, gets interesting bonuses. You will be offered a choice of several characters: a hunter with a gun, a hare, a bird, a cat and others. Any of them can be played. Each has its own characteristics.

Top 3 . How to get a neighbor

Android arcade has long since migrated from personal computers to tablets and mobile devices android. The script of the game has remained unchanged for many years. You are a young lascivious little boy driven to frenzy by his beloved neighbor and his mommy. For example, he saws in the morning the leg of the chair and he sits down to breakfast falls to the floor or turn off the hot water at the moment when he washes in the shower. There are a lot of funny stories in this toy, the main thing is do not forget that you should not get into the eyes of a neighbor and his mummy, otherwise you will not get well. And this game ranks third in the Top 10 of the best arcade games on the android 2015.

Top 10 arcade games for android 2015

Top 2 . Bruce Lee: The game started.
Immerse yourself in the Far Eastern world of kung fu. You will appear in the image of the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee. All fights will take place on the street, no ring, accordingly no rules. Winning in battles, you gain experience, and money. Accumulating experience, you increase the impact of your fighter and increase agility. For the money earned, buy clothes, weapons, nunchakas, sticks and much more. Believe it you will come in handy because in some unequal battles you will be confronted by several opponents. Gets 2nd place in the Top 10 of arcades on android 2015.

Top 10 arcade games for android 2015

Top 1 . Kitchen Fever
popular android arcade again took first place in our annual hit parade of top 10 arcade games on android 2015 app will be enjoyed by all boys and girls without exception. To the boys, she will make her feel like a real businessman, and the girls are an excellent chef. Serve visitors to your restaurant, earn money, invent new dishes. The game perfectly develops entrepreneurial ability and ingenuity. The arcade surely takes 1 place in the nomination of Top 10 best arcade on android 2015.

Top 10 arcade games for android 2015


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