Top 10 Strategies for Android 2015

Top 5 . Five Nights at the Asylum
The main task of the android strategy is to live up to the morning. The main character got a night guard into a psychiatric hospital. Patients of the clinic are extremely aggressive, and they want to cling to your neck. At night when you are alone, only the monitors of the video surveillance cameras are in front of you. Patients under the cover of darkness leave their ward and try to reach you. You have only a remote control of hospital doors, with the help of them you will abstract from the sick. Do not let them get you.

Top 4 . Out There

The strategy suited not only fans of the mysterious cosmos, but also ordinary gamers. The plot of the android game unfolds on one of the distant galaxies. The main character travels in space. Gathers vital elements such as oxygen, food, improved ship parts. On every planet expects a bunch of surprises. Will meet as friendly characters and want to destroy you. Fight off them with all your might.

Top 3 . Dragon Mania Legends

Excellent children’s strategy rightly deserved to be a third in our hit parade Top 5 strategy games on android. Very pleased with a nice, beautiful graphics. The player will have to build his own dragon island. Just need to raise and train a new generation of dragons. Do not forget your evil kingdom will be periodically attacked by vicious Vikings. Fight off them with claws, fire and magic.

Top 2 . Sea Battle: Warships

Fascinating 3D strategy Sea Battle game. The essence of the game has not changed for several decades. You will feel like the captain of a large ship. Flooding an enemy ship you get points and experience. On these bonuses you can improve your ship, buy new guns, recruit new experienced sailors on the ship. The application is very tight with its plot and animation.

Top 1 . King of Thieves

Surprisingly, this is exactly the case, the Russian development hit the first top 5 strategies on android. The game turned out to be fascinating. The main mission of the mission is to steal as much gold as possible. Do not forget, your gold chest is also hunted by rivals. All of these strategies flock to one table of players’ rankings. In it you can see who at the moment is the richest. Compete with your friends.

Top 10 Strategies for Android 2015


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