White mist

Help the stranger to get out of the frozen emptiness and restore the memory. You will be the only one with whom the stranger will speak, and the only one who can help him!

The plot of the game

An unknown person is on a vacant lot. He is alone, and for hundreds of miles around the surface of the ice-covered surface stretches. He does not know how he got here, and, moreover, who he is, and what he should do now. The only person he can count on to help is you – the user! We need to help a stranger get out of this place, survive, bring back the memory.


The game is an interactive quest. Users have to … communicate with a stranger, choosing the answers. There is an opportunity to ask questions to a stranger. The whole game will be built on the dialogues. The developers retained a share of humor, brought moments of tension (breaks in communications), made the gameplay quite realistic (at least, the stranger will spend some time performing the orders you gave).


The game will often have to be folded pending the performance of a particular assignment. But as soon as the task is completed, the user will receive a message about it in the smartphone notification curtain.

The visual and musical design deserve special attention. The graphics change as the quest progresses.

As for music, it sets the tone for everything that happens on the screen. Dynamic when performing short tasks, tense when the connection breaks, cheerful after the successful completion of the next task.

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