Worms 2

In the famous turn-based strategy, users are suggested to take command of a group of armed worms. Join the single-player and multiplayer team battles directly on your mobile device!


Users take command of a detachment of worms and oppose a similar squad of worms of the enemy. The opposing sides are on the same map and walk alternately. Each of the worms has a large arsenal of weapons, both classical (sheep, holy grenades, parachutes, baseball bats and others) and new ones (electromagnets, gas bombs, Armageddons, earthquakes, and so on). The battle lasts until the last survivor. All island locations are destroyed. Once in the water, the worm dies.

Game modes:

  • Single player. Players are invited to perform more than 30 missions in five different thematic locations dedicated to Sport, the Middle Ages, Construction, Cheese, Manhattan;
  • Multiplayer online mode. Fight real players on Wi-Fi or 4G. The mode is for two players;
  • Multiplayer offline mode. Ability to play with bots for 2-4 players.

In addition to the basic game modes, users are offered dozens of others: Light, Normal and for Profi. “Bazooka and Pomegranate”, Gun Show, Heads Up and many others. The game has achievements and leaderboards available.

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